Voc-Tech Quick Screener

Product Description
The Voc-Tech Quick Screener is a self-assessment inventory designed for students and adults who feel postsecondary education may not be for them. The VTQS helps the student match interests and goals with jobs, learn about training programs and make career decisions.

This product has been successfully used in High Schools, career counseling offices, and career centers around the United States.

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How to Preview
In order to preview the Voc-Tech Quick Screener, you will need to download the file by clicking the link below. You will not be able to open this file until you email us to retrieve a password for the item you are wishing to preview - please be sure to specify the name of the product when requesting a password.

The actual product is a tri-fold, for the purposes of your printing we have the file split into 6 individual 8.5"x11" pages. You will be able to print this document out, however you are granted this permission for PREVIEW purposes only. Reproduction for administration other than preview is a violation of all applicable copyright laws. Please note that the actual product is printed in black ink on an ivory colored paper.

Voc-Tech Quick Screener Preview